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CDA Portfolio Workshop

Earning a CDA credential is a great first step in growing as an early childhood professional. The CDA credential requires 120 clock hours of coursework, completing the required CDA Portfolio, and completing a successful CDA Verification Visit. This 3-hour video webinar helps participants ensure a professional CDA Portfolio is created and is successful on the day of the CDA Verification Visit.


  1. The learner will review the components of an effective CDA Portfolio.
  2. The learner will organize resource items in the CDA Portfolio.
  3. The learner will identify key indicators of success to pass the verification visit.


  1. 3-Hr self-paced pre-recorded webinar
  2. Email access to a PD Specialist and CDA Instructor to answer any questions about the CDA process
  3. Portfolio Set-Up Tutorial
  4. Portfolio Workbook with templates and samples


Lakeshia Nnamani, M. Ed., has over a decade of experience as an early childhood educator and many years of experience instructing CDA courses. As an early childhood educator, she served as a pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teacher, preschool owner, child development professor, and early childhood trainer.