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Amy Pena

Amy Palacios Pena is a Speech Language Pathologist and Early Childhood Developmental Specialist with over 10 years of experience working in the field of pediatrics. Mrs. Pena obtained her master’s degree in 2010 from Texas Woman’s University in Denton TX. She opened the FIRST bilingual development center in the Rio Grande Valley, which caters to both the neurotypical & atypical population ages 0-6. Her center provides children of her community with the opportunity to reach their maximum potential in areas such as pre-literacy skills, financial literacy, and social/ emotional development before they begin school. In addition, the early intervention services some children may require are available by trained medical professionals as well.

Before opening Skyline Academy, Amy spent 6 years as a clinical director for The Institute of Child Health Services in Brownsville, Harlingen, and Pharr Texas. After a successful career helping open and establish pediatric medical clinics, Amy now helps children and families who need guidance or do not have the resources to receive medical intervention.
Amy enjoys continuing education and research, as she is a pioneer in the importance early childhood development and its lasting effects in life. Having attended courses all over the country, she recently added Harvard University to her list. There, she was able to work with colleagues from around the world on creating a theory of change when it comes to early development.

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