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Mansfield Child Care Training Conference

This Training is approved by the State of Texas and TECPDS for 5 In-Person Training Hours

This conference is 5 hours (8:00 am to 1:00 pm) and will cover 4 separate training courses. A detailed breakdown of each training is listed below. There is limited seating, so register early! Participants will receive a conference handbook containing all learning materials from each course, an official certificate, and a free bag! The seminar ends at 1:00. Lunch will not be served, but feel free to bring snacks and beverages. Coffee and water will be provided. No refunds are allowed, but substitutions may be allowed. Doors open at 7:15 am, come early for good seats! We want to thank the First Baptist Church, who partnered with us to host this conference at there beautiful facility. We know you're going to enjoy this conference to the Max!

You do not have to choose. All of the following training courses will be included:

The Importance of Play (2 Hours)

Play is essential for the healthy development of children. Play is a child’s way of learning. Educators will learn why play is essential to a child’s development, the benefits of play for a child, the 6 stages of play from Parten’s theory, and the different types of play (Marten’s 16 types of play). With this information they will be able to recognize and implement appropriate play activities for different age groups. They will also be better equipped to explain to parents the importance of play for children and why it is a large part of their childcare environment. 20 inexpensive and easy to implement play activities will be presented for the audience to understand, participate, and they will engage in making some of these activities during the training. Participants will also have a deeper understanding of including all children in play activities, regardless of ability level.

Music and Movement (1 Hour)

Music and movement sessions are beneficial for the healthy development of children. Participants in this training will learn about the many benefits of music and movement activities for use in their facility or classroom. They will also learn how to use specific tools to facilitate these fun, educational, and active musical sessions; such as the use of shaker eggs, ribbons, scarves, and percussion sticks. They will then learn how to utilize specific songs, movements, exercises, and/or activities with each of these tools, so that they can begin using musical tools, songs, and movement exercises in their classroom or facility. Participants will create a sample music lesson plan. They will also learn how to modify these methods and sessions to successfully use them with babies, toddlers, and children with special needs.

Toddler Tantrums (1 Hour)

Participants will learn 10 practical tips for best handling toddler tantrums. They will also learn how to pass this information along to parents, so they can equip families to better handle temper tantrums at home. Finally, participants will learn to distinguish the difference between temper tantrums and meltdowns that are caused by sensory issues, autism, or other factors.

Creating Positive Relationships with Parents (1 Hour)

Dealing with difficult parents is discussed in session. Participants will learn how to handle a variety of different personality types including those parents whose child can do no wrong, those who expect you to parent their children, and those who seem to know how to teach better than you. Cooperative partnerships between parents and teachers will be examined with tips on making your relationships go from just ok to fabulous!

Your Instructor

Dr. Magdalena Battles

Dr. Magdalena Battles has a PhD in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Psychology. Her post graduate studies were completed at Harvard. She is a writer and conference speaker. Her specialties include parenting, child development, family relationships, domestic violence, and sexual assault. She shares her real life experiences and professional insights on her website Living Joy Daily and on, where she was named one of their top 10 writers. She and her husband reside in Texas where they are raising their three young children. Dr. Battles has two books on child development due to be released by September 2019. She may seem all business, but in her spare time she enjoys camping with her family, visiting national parks, reading non-fiction, decorating, organizing (parties, closets, etc…), shopping, spending time with extended family, and incubating/raising Silkie chickens. She is an active volunteer in her community and church (Gateway Church) in Southlake, Texas.